Why Deaura?

Deaura represents cosmetics with innovative formulation that could delay the aging process. It became a sensation for people who like cosmetic innovations and for professional cosmetologists due to its effectiveness and immediate rejuvenating effect.

All cosmetics has been produced and developed by E.L.Erman manufacturing.

Deaura facial care set

Deaura is a cosmetic set of a «luxury» category to provide full facial skin care which is appropriate to its needs. It is created based on the achievements of modern science and natural ingredients.

Deaura’s beauty products slow down the aging process and protect the skin from negative influence of the environment and free radicals. The effectiveness of these cosmetics in solving the basic problems of the skin is proved by research.

After the first application, the result will surprise you – your facial contours, your skin will be firmer, and the skin will become firmer, smoother, and hydrated. In the complex, the ingredients create stunning synergistic effect that lasts for a long time. When regularly using for a long time, their effect will increase.

Working on creating a Deaura set, scientists carefully selected and studied plants and minerals, which extracts can transform the skin and provide lasting beneficial effect. Thanks to the optimal dosages and combinations of ingredients in each product, the achievement of your beauty goals became possible.

The formulation of all products of the Deaura is based on a NIAPEPTYGOLDtm biological complex (patent pending). It consists of 24-kt gold, vitamin B3, hexyl peptide-19 and herbal extracts.

24-karat gold provides the skin with intensive lifting and enhances the beneficial properties of other active components of the cosmetics.

Vitamin B3 balances cellular metabolism and promotes skin hydration.

Herbal extracts repair, nourish, and moisturize the skin, contribute to its protection from aggressive sunlight and other external negative influences.

Hexyl peptide-19 helps the skin to produce its own collagen and elastin fibers as the basis of its elasticity.

Proven effect of NIAPEPTYGOLDtm[1]:

  • increase of skin moisturizing level by 96%;
  • wrinkle-smoothing effect by 88%;
  • skin elasticity increase by 86%;
  • skin texture improvement by 98%.

Try the Deaura set products and you’ll be happy to look in the mirror every morning!

Bar code: 7290111426742

Gently Foaming Scrub Superieure

The scrub contains spherical micro-granules. That is why it peels off the skin, having no traumatic effect, and provide deep pore purification. The basic components of the product are natural oils, plant extracts and the Dead Sea minerals which improve metabolism in cells, normalize the cell respiration mechanisms, moisturize and nourish skin, contribute to regeneration. After the use of scrub your skin will become incredibly fresh, smooth and silky.

Bar code: 7290111426810

Day Moisturizer Superieure

The Cream is a wonderful foundation primer which sustains optimal moisture level along the day. The product protects skin against aggressive influence of environment and slows down aging processes, evens out and reduces amount of wrinkles. Makadamia oil as its component nourishes skin with valuable fatty acids and vitamins. Olive, grape-stone, shea, calendula oils tone up and stimulate skin metabolic processes. Kelp extract stimulate skin regeneration and reduces marks of fatigue. Bee wax creates a protective membrane which prevents the skin from dehydration.

Bar code: 7290111426766

Hydro Nutrient Mask Superieure

This Hydro Nutrient Mask is the ultimate solution for dehydrated and tired skin. It is enriched with natural oils (shea, calendula, argand, lumbango, jojoba, rosehip), minerals, plant extracts (green tea and kelps), and vitamins. It also contains hyaluronic acid which is an elixir preserving hydration level of skin, and this is essential for its elasticity and youth. The mask moisturizes skin intensively, reducing over-dehydration, inflammation and peeling, reduces quantity and depth of wrinkles, makes your skin look healthy.The Hydro Nutrient Mask is used with the “Biolong” facial care device in accordance with the manual.

Bar code: 7290111426803

Eye Performer Gel Superieure

Tender, sensitive skin of eyelids requires extra tender care based on special cosmetic product. The gel moisturizes and protects the skin around eyes. It provides intensive care, reduced wrinkles and helps struggle against the problems of eye contour puffiness, baggy skin, panda eyes, reduces fatigue signs. The gel contains aloe vera juice, hydrolyzed elastin, camomile, green tea, pomegranate extracts, oils and vitamins C and E.

Bar code: 7290111426780

Firming Action Gel Superieure

It contains microscopic molecules of hyaluronic acid, which deeply impenetrate skin structure, smooths and moisturizes it. Another component of the product is hydrolyzed collagen which stimulates skin collagen formation (structural protein on which facial skin appearance and tone preservation depend). Plant extracts and vitamins (E and B3) protect skin from external influence and help it stand against aging processes).The Firming Action gel is used with the “Biolong” facial care device in accordance with the manual.

Bar code: 7290111426797

Intensive Facial Serum Superieure

Intensive Facial Serum has the most deep anti-aging effect. It reduces depth and quantity of wrinkles, improves elasticity of skin and brings back young face contours. Its natural components: shea, jojoba oils, aloe vera, basil, lavender, ginger root and verbena extracts, vitamins C,A,E and B3 nourish, moisturize skin and increase its protective potential. Hydrolyzed collagen and elastin invigorate skin. The Dead Sea water rich with mineral stimulates regeneration and lifting processes.

Bar code: 7290111426773

Toner Superieure

The toner restores natural PH-balance of skin after cleaning procedure and prepares it for nourishing products application. Aloe vera juice, the Dead Sea minerals, extracts of kelp, camomile, green tea, ginseng and jojoba oil as its components let sooth and moisturize your skin, remove blemish and heal inflammation, reduce its oiliness.

Bar code: 7290111426735

Milk Lotion Superieure

The Milk Lotion will delicately and thoroughly clean the face skin from make-up, dust, cell metabolism products and other impurities. Sesame, olive, sweet almond, tree primrose oils contained in it will moisturize and nourish the skin with vitamins and micro-elements, protect from environmental influence. Verbena and common borage extracts tone up and stimulate cell regeneration. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin and helps keep it. The milk lotion is used with the “Biolong” facial care device in accordance with the manual.

Bar code: 7290111426759

Cleopatra Mask Superieure

It is truly precious product for your skin. Apart from the NIAPEPTYGOLDtm complex it additionally contains particles of 24-karat gold which provides anti-aging effect for skin. The olive, jojoba, sweet almond oils nourish your skin, improve its elasticity and the tone of face oval. The Dead Sea mud purifies pores. The camomile extract comforts skin and reduces inflammation.

Bar code: 7290111426827

Night Cream Superieure

Toward the evening various impurities such as particles of dust and exhaust gad get accumulated on the skin surface. Stresses and dry air indoors influence negatively on skin. After make-up removal and cleaning the Deaura night cream with natural oils, plant extracts, minerals and vitamins will provide skin revitalizing. It will work along the night. In the morning you will look at the mirror and will be surprised with the freshness of your skin. The night cream reduces aging signs. tones up the skin, even out it color, stimulate cell regeneration. It contains the following components: the Dead Sea minerals, olive, shea, grape-stone, almond oils, green tea, pomegranate, camomile, salvia extracts which make your skin smooth, improve its micro circulation, moisturize, and create natural barrier against dehydration.


Deaura means

  • Innovative formula on the basis of the NIAPEPTYGOLDtm biological complex (patent pending).
  • Complex approach recommended by cosmetologists worldwide to achieve real results which have been realized in the brand products.
  • Visible and long-lasting effect starting from the first application.





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