Body Skin Care

Body skin requires as thorough and high-quality care as face skin. It is as well subject to skin aging processes, suffers from lack of moisture, nourishing and other problems. Earlier our expectations from cosmetics have been often deceived. Trim figure, firm and silky skin is not just a dream. It’s reality. Now we have a set of body cosmetics of a class Deaura, which is effective. If used regularly, it makes you desired goals come true. Your body skin will become firm, smooth and silky. Natural components, pleasant texture and exhilarating fragrances will turn  your body care into an inimitable and splendorous pleasure.  

Deaura has created body cosmetics based on natural and know-how components, which is able to slow the aging processes and keep your skin young and healthy.
Beauty aids
«Gelliup» device developed specially for in-home body care with Deaura beauty products.