DeAura facial care set

Deaura is a cosmetic set of a «luxury» category to provide full facial skin care which is appropriate to its needs. It is created based on the achievements of modern science and natural ingredients.

Deaura’s beauty products slow down the aging process and protect the skin from negative influence of the environment and free radicals. The effectiveness of these cosmetics in solving the basic problems of the skin is proved by research.

After the first application, the result will surprise you – your facial contours, your skin will be firmer, and the skin will become firmer, smoother, and hydrated. In the complex, the ingredients create stunning synergistic effect that lasts for a long time. When regularly using for a long time, their effect will increase.

Working on creating a Deaura set, scientists carefully selected and studied plants and minerals, which extracts can transform the skin and provide lasting beneficial effect. Thanks to the optimal dosages and combinations of ingredients in each product, the achievement of your beauty goals became possible.

The formulation of all products of the Deaura is based on a NIAPEPTYGOLDtm biological complex (patent pending). It consists of 24-kt gold, vitamin B3, hexyl peptide-19 and herbal extracts.

  • 24-karat gold provides the skin with intensive lifting and enhances the beneficial properties of other active components of the cosmetics.
  • Vitamin B3 balances cellular metabolism and promotes skin hydration.
  • Herbal extracts repair, nourish, and moisturize the skin, contribute to its protection from aggressive sunlight and other external negative influences.
  • Hexyl peptide-19 helps the skin to produce its own collagen and elastin fibers as the basis of its elasticity.

Proven effect of NIAPEPTYGOLDtm[1]:

increase of skin moisturizing level by 96%;

wrinkle-smoothing effect by 88%;

skin elasticity increase by 86%;

skin texture improvement by 98%.


Try the D’or mystere setproducts and you’ll be happy to look in the mirror every morning!


[1] Data of tests in vivo conducted in a group of 200 persons aged 25 to 65 within 4 week provided by E.L.Erman Cosmetics Manufacturing Ltd.