D’or mystere Skin Golden Youth 24k Gold body skin care product

Body skin is a protective barrier from all negative influences of the environment and a mirror of the state of health. That is why our body requires as thorough care as our face. Skin specialists from all over the world advice complex skin care. But real results are possible only if you have high-quality cosmetics at hand.

Deaura presents radically new approach to body skin care: skin care set known as D`or mystere Skin Golden Youth 24k Gold. These beauty products of a class «lux» are produced by E.L.Erman Cosmetics Manufacturing Ltd.,one of the largest factories in Israel, under the control of Ministry of Health of Israel in accordance with international quality standards.

Even after the first applications of these products you will see the changes that will surprise and please you. If used regularly and in complex, these products will lead to even better results: your body skin will become more firm, elastic and moisturized. Moreover, you body care will become real pleasure.

D`or mystere Skin Golden Youth 24k Gold skin care set includes such components as natural oils, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and unique biological complex NIAPEPTYGOLDtm (patent pending) composed of 24-karat gold, B3 vitamin, hexil peptide-19 and herbal extracts. Effectiveness of NIAPEPTYGOLDtm in solution of body skin problems is proved by numerous researches*:

  • increase of skin moisturizing level by 98%;
  • reduction of body skin irregularities by 85%;
  • reduction of aging changes by 78%;
  • evening out of skin tone by 76%;
  • improvement of skin elasticity by 95%.

These are impressive results. And now you have Deaura which can help preserve beauty and youth of skin for years.

Use D`or mystere Skin Golden Youth 24k Gold products in complex and you will turn your daily care into pleasure, make your skin beautiful and preserve its youth.

*Data of tests in vivo conducted in a group of 200 persons aged 25 to 65 within 4 weeks. Provided by E.L.Erman Cosmetics Manufacturing Ltd.