D'or mystery HAIR TREAT 24k Gold hair care set

Deaura’s innovation is a D'or mystery HAIR TREAT 24k Gold hair care set. The uniqueness of this cosmetics is when regularly using in a complex, it gives a real result that improves in time, which is confirmed by studies[1].

Proven result of NIAPEPTYGOLDtm complex effect:

  • hair structure repair up to 82%;
  • hair loss reduction up to 87%;
  • head skin moisturizing up to 67%;
  • color brightness increase up to 88%, and hair softness increase up to 92%;
  • hair structure improvement up to 91%.

Deaura’s hair products not only take care of the hair, but also repair its structure and damaged cells, fighting against fragility, protect from aging processes, solve major problems: loss, split ends, overdryness, irritation and peeling of the head skin, and so etc.

They are composed of keratin, natural oils, vitamins (A, E, C and B5), as well as NIAPEPTYGOLDtm biological complex, consisting of 24-kt gold, vitamin B3, hexyl peptide-19 and herbal extracts.

  • 24-kt gold has a heavy-duty anti-aging effect, makes hair strong, enhances the beneficial properties of other active components of cosmetics.
  • Vitamin B3 stimulates hair growth, intensely nourishes and moisturizes it.
  • Herbal extracts due to the content of vitamins and flavonoids repair hair from the roots to the tips, stimulate cell regeneration, nourish and increase the protective function against free radicals and other external negative influences.
  • Hexyl peptide-19 strengthens hair, improves its elasticity and strength, makes it shiny.

Evaluate the effect of D`or mystere HAIR TREAT 24k Gold products and give healthy shine and strength to your hair!

[1] Data of tests in vivo conducted in a group of 200 persons aged 25 to 65 within 4 week provided by E.L.Erman Cosmetics Manufacturing Ltd.