Facial care

Over 90% of women and men are concerned about the state of their face and skin manifestations of age-related changes.

Finally, there are beauty products that when regularly using in a complex, help to solve the basic problems of the skin, proven by studies[1]

Deaura’s D’or mystere facial care products contribute to renew and rejuvenate the skin and turn self-care into unique pleasure.

With Deaura your skin will always be firm, fresh and healthу!

[1] Data of tests in vivo conducted in a group of  200 persons aged 25 to 65 within 4 week provided by E.L.Erman Cosmetics Manufacturing Ltd.

First in Russia: complete system of facial skin care, created by experts and able to replace or complete the care in the beauty salon. Regular and complex application of Deaura’s cosmetics will replace radical methods of rejuvenation and bring positive results within a few days. Set products not only provide basic facial care, but also have a super-powerful rejuvenating, restorative and protective effects.
Beauty aids
«Biolong» is a new generation device to be used at home with a set of Deaura’s D’or mystere facial care set.