«Gelliup» device

There may be a lot of causes of cellulite and skin irregularities appearance: vessel disorder, overweight, improper feeding, skin hyposthenia, etc. Regular care of skin based on qualitative beauty products taking into account the peculiarities of tissue structure and problem areas metabolism should be taken to fight against it.
Deaura created a «Gelliup» device specially for body care. It is used with Cellulite Defense Firm Gel anti-cellulite body gel of Deaura’s D’or mystere Skin Golden Youth 24k Gold set, which helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite and to make skin smoother.
Regular care using Cellulite Defense Firm Gel and Deaura’s «Gelliup» device provides deep penetration of the gel mineral components under the skin and increases its effectiveness.
«Gelliup» device shall be used only in accordance with the user’s manual attached. Using the Deaura’s beauty products and device, you’ll make your skin healthy, firm, and smooth!