The Deaura cosmetics kits are developed and manufactured by the laboratory of one of the largest factories of Israel –E.L.Erman Cosmetics Manufacturing Ltd.

Their development was the result of research in the field of preserving valuable properties of the natural products and their effect on the skin cells which had been conducted for several years.

While working on the exclusive formula of cosmetics, the scientists have carefully selected and researched plants and minerals which are able to transform skin and hair and provide a sustainable aesthetic effect. Each cosmetics product contains ingredients of the ideal combinations and proportioning to guarantee you successfully to preserve your beauty.

Today, the Deaura cosmetics are manufactured under the control of the Ministry of Health of Israel in accordance with the international quality standards.

Deaura makes the wealth of the Dead Sea available for you– use cosmetics kits as a complex, and you can gain smooth and healthy skin, strong, thick and glossy hair.